Hey everyone, just wanted to give everyone a status update.

If you missed our last meeting here are the highlights:

  • Working on doing a Krispy Kreme BOGO fund raiser
  • Turkey Shoot is ongoing for the next few weekends into December (weather permitting) We Need Volunteers for both Saturday and Sunday for this coming weekend and the weekend of December 6-7 and December 13-14 no experience necessary.
  • We are planning on adopting a family to help out this holiday season, still waiting on more input from the club leadership.
    We have several sources that can provide us with family in need, if you have a suggestion, feel free to let me know.
  • Planning on a Christmas party for the next meeting, waiting on input from club leadership.
  • Wes has submitted our NRA grant, now we wait to see what we get…
  • As soon as we get some equipment, we’ll be ramping up our Pistol program, targeting this spring for launch.

This weekend is the 5th weekend of the month and therefore no practice, and since there is no practice, think about coming down to the Turkey shoot to help out.

There will be no Air Rifle practice on the 7th as our host will be out of town that weekend, another opportunity to volunteer and support the Turkey Shoot


Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.