State Shoot

We had 9 kids venture out to Virginia 4H State Shoot, while we didn’t have the same level of success as we did on our last trip out to Holiday Lake, I hope everyone had a great time in the end. We had a couple of firsts this time around.
Our new President CeCe competed in Pistol for the first time, and did well considering she had an argumentative pistol making things difficult.
J.T. now has his first shotgun competition out of the way, is looking forward to the State Championship in a couple weeks
And we also had a few competitors in the new Target Sprint Competition, and all the kids in that had a blast

CSA Fundraiser Change

I was informed by Colonial Shooting Academy (CSA) that they are moving our target fundraiser to October From November.

For those of you unaware, the fundraiser works like this. CSA will sell the special targets for $2.00 and for every target that they sell we get $1.00 its that simple. So if you have friends or relatives to shoot at CSA or elsewhere, ask them to help us out and buy the special target…

CSA Fundraiser Flyer

With the date of the fundraiser being moved up, I could use some help putting the flyer together, if you have some skills or ideas, please let me know
An example of the target can be found here

I am open to any and all suggestions

New Notification System

Working on a better method to let y’all of you know about possible changes to practice schedules, cancelations or any other urgent updates.
One of the other coordinators recommended “remind” which will allow me to send group text messages directly to you, and I felt that this is going to be more important as we close in on colder weather.
The enrollment process is fairly simple, text each of the below codes that pertain to your child one at a time to 81010 you will get a confirmation message as well as unsubscribe instructions in a reply text, and you good to go. I will continue to use the current system for regular message traffic.
@vb4h   (This is the catch all, for meetings and such)

Once again, if you have any problems or questions please let me know

Paul Perusse
Virginia Beach Top Shooters