To All Virginia Trapshooters and Trapshooting Supporters:

I’m sending this to you on behalf of the Virginia Youth Trapshooting League (VYTL), in hopes of gauging your interest in the 2016 VYTL season .  Included on this email are those who coached a VYTL team in 2015; club managers/leadership who helped support our teams; supporters of VA trapshooting; as well as those who have expressed interest in forming a team in 2016.  If you’d prefer to be removed from all future communication, please let me know.  I apologize for the inconvenience.
The VYTL is looking to significantly expand in 2016 and we could use your help!
What is the VYTL?
In 2015, several clubs throughout Virginia partnered to form the Virginia Youth Trapshooting League (VYTL).  A trap shooting league for any youth up to 22 years of age, the VYTL provides Virginia shooters with the ability to compete at their local clubs and have their scores compiled with their peers from throughout the state.  This new format is very exciting and gives each participant a way to test their skills against a larger than normal pool of competitors each week.  Our inaugural season saw over 40 youth participate each week for high gun honors, as well as end of season awards.  The season was capped off with a one-day Virginia State 16 Yard Championship, held in Lynchburg, VA, to determine the best shooters in the state.
When is the VYTL?
The 2016 season is set to begin the week of March 28th and continue for 8 consecutive weeks, ending the week of May 15th at clubs throughout Virginia.  Each week begins on a Monday, with final scores due by Sunday evening of each week.  Teams are allowed to choose the day of each week they’d like to compete, provided their local ATA certified club has available range time.  
How Many Targets Are Shot Each Week?
The VYTL uses a 50 target Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) “Big 50” registered format.  The first 50 targets of a 100 or 200 bird ATA event can also count, as well as ATA Registered Leagues.
What will this cost?
Each club is responsible for determining the target cost for it’s youth shooters.  Since each week’s targets are registered with the ATA, ATA Daily Fees are applicable and must be paid to the ATA.  Each shooter must also be an ATA and AIM member in good standing.  ATA/AIM membership information is available on and
Otherwise, there isn’t a fee to be a part of the VYTL.  We are attempting to raise the necessary money through donations from generous trapshooters throughout Virginia (and beyond).
Who do I contact for more information?
If you’d like to start a program at your local club; if you’d like to coach a team; if you know of youth shooters who need matched up with a club; or if you’d like to make a financial contribution to the program, please contact me or Billy Wood (Virginia AIM Director  We are appreciative of any help you can provide.

Dean Spiridon
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